Guest announcements

Two in, two out – change of guest line up for Forsaken

We are extremely sorry to announce that due to filming commitments this weekend both Isaiah and Katherine will no longer be able to attend. The agent got in touch just before Easter and we have been trying to work it out between us, the studio and the agents however they have been denied travel out of the USA by the studio so cannot attend Forsaken. The same happened to our 4th guest who we were not even able to get on the website. Unfortunately, these things do happen, we originally moved the dates so that it did not clash with filming but the studio also moved the dates.
However, while we know this is a disappointment we have been able to secure two guests in Maxim Roy and Joel Labelle and are very grateful to them for stepping in at such short notice. We are still working on 1 more guest at this late stage. We hope to see everyone who booked this coming weekend, while the event will be small it will be lots of fun and very personal.
Pre-ordered photo and autograph tickets for guests now not attending please visit the ticket booth at the event for more information.
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